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Everyone goes through hard times in life, and it’s always hard to leave a home you’ve loved or bought as an investment. But sometimes the best solution is the hardest solution: making a clean break with the past and beginning the process of rebuilding your credit and your life as soon as possible. Memories of what went before will remain, and new, better memories will be built in a future without financial stress.

If your home is being foreclosed, be sure to take prompt action. And if you need to sell, you'll be well served to retain the services of a licensed real estate professional to help you through the process.

The Steve Advantage

Steve Hanley provides compassionate solutions to homeowners in financial stress by arranging short sales, working with developers for quick sales, and promptly placing properties on the market at prices to sell. Steve's experience as an international bank auditor with Price Waterhouse and Bank of America ensures he understands the process from the bank's perspective. His legal training from Duke University ensures that he understands the foreclosure process. And his caring approach ensures that homeowners in distress feel confident of his help.

If you need assistance selling your home in foreclosure, give Steve a call at 954.999.9000, or email him, to determine the solution that's best for you.

Steve Hanley. Experience counts.
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