Tourists at Vatican


Working with an international clientele requires years of training and experience: training in languages, training in cultures, training in law, experience navigating sometimes seemingly insurmountable differences, sometimes tiny nuances that would go unnoticed by most. Confusions can arise even if client and agent ostensibly speak the same language: what are "wellies" in the US? What does it mean to be "knackered" in the UK? Then delve into false cognates — embarazo means "pregnancy" in Spanish, not "embarrassment," and though embaraço does mean "embarrassment" in Portuguese, it also means "obstacle." Even minor gestures can become major faux pas: exposing the soles of your shoes, or eating with your left hand.

The Steve Advantage

There is no substitute for experience when working with international clients, and Steve Hanley has experience unmatched by most estate agents in the region. Steve speaks fluent Spanish, reads Portuguese and Italian, has lived in London, Madrid, and Singapore, and was granted his first expat assignment to London, with Bank of America, when he was 27. Combine that experience with Steve's MA in Hispanic Cultures from Columbia University, his postgraduate certification in business Portuguese from the University of Miami, his top-rated European Community certification in Italian from the Centro Linguistico Italiano Dante Alighieri in Florence, as well as his legal studies at Duke University, and you know you are dealing with a professional of unmatched skills.

Work with Steve and take advantage of his skills to expedite your next real estate transaction. Call Steve at 954.999.9000 (¡también en español!) or email him to find out more.

Steve Hanley. Experience counts.
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