Probate documents


"Probate" comes from the Latin probare which means, "to prove," and it is the process by which a will is "proved," in order to execute its provisions. Probate proceedings are often long and expensive processes by which assets are identified, heirs found, and creditors are notified of a death, to file their claims.

In Florida we use the term "personal representative" instead of "executor," "executrix," "administrator," and "administratrix" used in other venues. The responsibilities of a personal representative are great, and time-consuming. If you have been named as personal representative and have real estate to sell, work with agents who know the process and can guide you along the way.

The Steve Advantage

Whether after a long illness or suddenly, it's always hard to lose a loved one. Then comes the daunting task of disposing of real property and personal effects, which are often associated with happy memories of days gone by. Steve Hanley is able to assist personal representatives with the sale of real estate, antiques, jewelry, and other personal property across multiple jurisdictions in many different countries around the world.

Steve's experience as an international consultant, banker, and linguist, as well as his legal training from Duke University, make him uniquely qualified to assist in the disposal of estates large and small. Give Steve a call at 954.999.9000, or email him, to see how he can assist you in this most difficult of times.

Steve Hanley. Experience counts.
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