Wealth Managers

Wealth Managers

High net worth individuals require the greatest level of customer service and confidentiality in their real estate transactions, yet few brokerages or agents have the skill or experience to meet their needs. In turn, wealth managers, single-family and multi-family offices require the services of real estate professionals who understand and can interact with their teams of legal, insurance, investment, estate planning, business, and tax specialists, inasmuch as real estate often plays a large part in preserving wealth for the present and future generations. Agents working in such environments, often with international clientele, must always be alert and attentive, to help their clients find the best properties that best suit their lifestyles.

The Steve Advantage

Very few if any real estate agents have the combination of skills and education that Steve Hanley can bring to bear for wealth managers and family offices and their clients. Steve holds an MA in Hispanic Cultures from Columbia University, a BA in Economics from George Washington University, an advanced postgraduate certification in Finance from New York University, a graduate certificate in Creative Writing from Columbia University, and he studied law at Duke University. He has lived in London, Madrid, and Singapore, and worked in some 30 countries on four continents.

Steve speaks fluent Spanish and can read Portuguese and Italian. His experience as a translation agency owner, an IT and financial auditor at Bank of America, and an international management consultant and senior audit manager with Price Waterhouse specializing in computer network security at some of the largest financial institutions in the world, round out his unique skill set.

Give Steve at 954.999.9000, or email him, to discuss how he can help you.

Steve Hanley. Experience counts.
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